Sunday, August 21, 2011

Apple pie anyone?

I made (what I think is) my first apple pie today. It looks pretty....still waiting for it to cool enough to cut so I don't know how it tastes. The flower on top turned out really well! I never seem to have enough pie crust though, as you can see from the outside edges. Maybe I'll triple the recipe next time.....
I also made meringues for the first time today, too. Can you tell I was in the mood to cook? After looking at a few recipes I came up with my own flavor combo:: chocolate-orange! Darren put a little raspberry sorbet between two and it was absolutely divine!
My best friend Abbye and I have signed up for a beginners American Sign Language continuing education course starting in September! She's a whiz at ASL already but wants a refresher course. I'm very excited but worried about Riley being at home. Darren is also taking a class (Genetics...mine will be much more fun I think) on the same nights, so life will be a little different for a while. We're thinking Riley might be happier at Doggie Day Care on Tuesdays since I can't come home for lunch on that day. Let's just hope they will have a ball or two for him to play with......
Lot's of changes in store......maybe a slice of pie and some ice cream will soothe my worries away.


  1. How did the pie turn out? If you're looking to tweak the recipe, I'm happy to pass on mine...I think Mallory may actually have it already.

  2. And those Meringues look amazing! I've never tried I'm tempted.

  3. The pie was AMAZING. I'm totally adding it to my recipe box. I tried making lemon rosemary meringues yesterday that didn't turn out as well. Something went wrong with the texture and I had too much rosemary. With a stand mixer, they are SO easy! It's a great sweet treat without feeling like you've eaten half a box of cookies when you're done.